NoVetAlone’s LifeAid program is using wellness therapies, advanced technologies and a holistic approach to develop a new brain health protocol that will increase the accuracy of diagnosis and improve outcomes in less time.

LIFEAID Resilience Research Initiative (LARRI) creates a baseline heath assessment for each participant using a combination of Single-photon emission computed tomography scan (SPECT), qEEG and gathering a complete medical history to determine the best personalized therapeutic plan. LARRI conducts outcome-based research on each participant utilizing technology to study the effect the program has on blood flow and balancing of brain activity in relation to reduced depression scores and suicidality. Analytics will inform the recommendations of a new, more advanced treatment protocol.

“The profound and saddening statistics clearly show our nation needs to better serve those who serve us. But those numbers are only the tip of the iceberg because PTSD also has a tremendous negative impact on families, friends, co-workers, communities and millions of others. Our research has shown our programs have a positive measurable impact on helping those who suffer from PTSD, TBI and injury.” – John Wordin, President and Founder





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