CThere are an average of 20 suicides among PTSD sufferers in the US every day, more than 20 percent of active and retired military have some form of PTSD and more than 300,000 current members of the military have experienced concussion trauma. 

“The profound and saddening statistics clearly show our nation needs to better serve those who serve us. But those numbers are only the tip of the iceberg because PTSD also has a tremendous negative impact on families, friends, co-workers, communities and millions of others. Our research has shown our programs have a positive measurable impact on helping those who suffer from PTSD, TBI and injury.” – John Wordin, President and Founder

Working in partnership on participant research with Georgetown University Hospital and other leading clinical researchers, our programs have proven to produce positive outcomes at lower costs and reducing drug-based therapies for Veterans and First Responders in communities throughout the US.


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