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In June of 2003 I came home from Iraq. Initially life was off to a good restart but slowly my life began to change and unravel over the years. Some periods better than others but it was always a struggle to thrive. Eventually, I reached out for help and began a medication process with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs that only exasperated my symptoms and sent me spiraling in a different direction. Around 2010 I began to play with the idea of getting off medications, I began get...ting active through #WWP Health and Wellness programs ( marathons, obstacle course runs, mtb rides, etc). I received nothing but support from WWP and it's staff. That became my launching pad for a my relationship with John Wordin and his veteran programs #novetalone and I began an allegorical journey on a bicycle that would change the path of my life. Eventually, I got off all medications (a menu of mental health medications, several pain medications including nerve pain medications and testosterone cypianate). I've been blessed to receive a helping hand from John Wordin on several occasions when I was, at best, trying to claw my way out of my own mental sand pit but making little to no progress. Well, once again, John hit the nail on the head when partnered with #amenclinics to identify exactly where the brain is affected by PTSD and TBI through #Brain #spectscan . No more guessing, instead, a real diagnosis with physical evidence and undebatable evidence that the treatment plan that the VA had me on was wrong for me at the time. It only made my problems worse and the images support what doctors brushed off as my impulsive, irrational decision to get off medications. #PTSD is not real. #TBI is not real. #Toxic #exposure is not real. #Depression is not real. Take a look at the images of my brain and give that another thought. Thank you, John Wordin, Amen Clinic, and all the partners for making this possible for handful of us. Let's raise some funds and change more lives.