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The LifeAid Connecting Retreats and Challenges will take place in cities, states, and regions, put on by local individuals and groups working with our Community  Ambassadors (volunteer reps), you can participate, create, plan and execute a Connecting event. Events could include road or mountain cycling, hiking,  horseback riding, water sports, fishing,  workshops, community service projects, or any other group activity or combination of activities you feel would make for a great experience. These retreats incorporate peer support, technology, functional medicine, and community activation in a way that will challenge, improve the health of participants and empower resilience.
Listed below are our retreats. Additional retreats are added often throughout the year. Please check back or bookmark this page to stay tuned to the latest on LifeAid. Click on a retreat for more information and to register. 
Retreat programming includes elements from our 8 areas of Focus 
2020 Connecting Retreat Schedule
May 20 - 25      SoCal Resilience Retreat                               REGISTER NOW! 
This is for military, veteran, first responders and their families to register for the upcoming retreat.
May 23 - 24      California Challenge                                       REGISTER NOW! 
Click here to register and fundraise for the California Challenge - a ride from Oxnard to Dodger Stadium including LifeAid Military Appreciation Day May 24 vs. Cleveland Indians
July 19 - 25       RAGBRAI                                                             REGISTER NOW!
Aug. 23 - 28     Connecting Bend MTB Retreat                     REGISTER NOW!
Sept. 7 - 12      9/11 Resilience Challenge                              REGISTER NOW!
Nov. 6 - 11       Connecting L.A.  Retreat
Please make sure before signing up to participate in a retreat, it is a good idea to get checked out by your doctor to address any current and/or potential physical problems.
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