1. Join the Life Aid HOPE Community

If you want to connect with us RIGHT NOW, please join our HOPE Community group using WhatsAPP. You will be able to connect with other Life Aid people and our mentors that can answer questions, provide guidance for additional ways to connect, and find out about the latest and greatest ways that LIFE AID can benefit you!

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D. Join our Strava group and log your group activity

Interactive map of HOPE Communities - a list of Life Aid Clinics

       If you are interested in adding your clinic, organization, or community activity to our HOPE program, Please send us an email at        and please include your address, contact info and what services or support you wish to provide to our network.


        2. Resilience Events

       The Connecting Retreats and Challenges will take place in cities, states, and region put on by local individuals and groups working with our         Community Ambassadors (volunteer reps), you can create, plan and execute a Connect/Connecting event. Programs could include road or           mountain cycling, hiking, horseback riding, water sports, fishing,  workshops, community service projects, or any other group activity or             combination of activities you feel would make for a great experience.  FIND A RETREAT: 


       3. Research

       LifeAid raises money to provide non-traditional therapies and treatments to Veterans and First Responders free of charge. The program               changes lives through need based individualized treatment programs that focus on whole health.

 For more information to participate send us an email with your name, address, and contact info: