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No Vet Alone Cognoscenti Research Project

Reduce Suicide by Improving Whole Health for Veterans, First Responders, and their Families

Cognoscenti Project – The whole health, brain healing, pathway to innovative treatment of mental health to prevent suicide.  This project can best be described as the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for Mental Health and Brain Improvement. Patients will be able to receive their treatment at no cost to them.


Goal: Creating a unique and highly innovative protocol with targeted and personalized mental health treatments and suicide prevention by combining peer support, technology, functional medicine, and community action to improve the brain health and produce more effective outcomes. 

Research based therapy based on 7 healing areas of concentration:

  1. Faith – spiritual and emotional resilience
  2. Family – your inner support network, your caregivers
  3. Financial – how to reduce the stress of financial situations
  4. Fitness – physical activities with a social component
  5. Focus – Brain health and activities that promote better brain health
  6. Food – nutrition, natural healers, and improving diet
  7. Friends – peer support, your community

The Cognoscenti Project (CP) will create a baseline heath assessment for each participant using a Single-photon emission computed tomography scan (SPECT), documenting current medical condition and gathering a complete medical history to determine the best personalized therapeutic plan.

CP will conduct outcome-based research on each participant utilizing technology to study the effect the program has on blood flow and balancing of brain activity in relation to reduced depression scores and suicidality. 

The brain SPECT scans will provide baseline to implement therapy utilizing non-pharmacological therapies (CBD/Cannabis) , HBOT, Scotopic Sensitivity/Irlen's Syndrome screen, volumetric MRI, sleep study, neuromodulation techniques, EMDR, beneficial supplements, prescription drugs, group social physical activity (cycling, hiking, cross fit, etc), and cognitive improvement activities (art, virtual reality, writing, etc.), and empowering resilience workshops.

In addition to the brain imaging, real-time physiological data from Electroencephalogram (EEG) and heart monitor tracings will be gathered from sensors during treatments. This data allows us to correlate ongoing treatment interventions with observed brain activity and cardiovascular function aiding clinicians to make individualized treatment adjustments in between SPECT scans.

This combined approach of clinical/medical and the practical of group social physical activity, art, virtual, and resilience programming will change the game and saves millions of lives by enabling better treatment and health outcomes.

Client confidentiality is protected by the law under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which the Cognoscenti Project is legally mandated to follow. Your information is confidential during your intake and stay with us, unless you give consent to release or it is authorized under qualifying regulations.

Virtual Cognoscenti - App/web based support system. Will use technology to allow any veteran anywhere (especially rural communities) to find peer support, share information, know their mental and physical state of mind, and resources. The focus is on the 7 F’s and the Cognoscenti Project treatments and programming support and how participants, their families, and clinicians can gain a better understanding of ongoing treatment progress.




Thank you for your support for No Vet Alone!

There are many ways you can participate in events in your community or create your own events! 


  • Reach out to local veterans and invite them to talk to students and share their military service
  • Have students create thank you cards veterans can deliver to local VA hospitals and medical centers
  • Use No Vet Alone graphics available on the No Vet Alone website to create posters for display on campus bulletin boards
  • Post No Vet Alone events on on-line campus events calendars
  • Distribute No Vet Alone information to parents and parent association
  • Encourage faculty and administration awareness and support
  • Work with military offices to create events like stationary bike-a-thons and sports games with University sports teams and clubs to support local veterans
  • Use No Vet Alone graphics available on the No Vet Alone website to create posters for display in public spaces
  • Post No Vet Alone events on on-line campus events calendars
  • Contact and meet with student clubs and organizations to solicit support and participation
  • Display No Vet Alone support messages on campus entrance signs and on scoreboards during sports events
  • Encourage faculty and administration support
  • Ask a veteran to read books during kids' story time and display No Vet Alone posters at your local library,
  • Invite veterans to speak at the local service organization (such as the Rotary Club), Chamber of Commerce or City Council meetings
  • Recruit local retailers to display No Vet Alone posters in their stores and store windows
  • Invite local community leaders and elected officials to join with local veterans organizations to host No Vet Alone picnics, softball games and outdoor activities
  • Work with local community and service organizations to upgrade local homeless shelters and do yard work for older vets
  • Work with local community leaders and elected city officials to create ads in their local newsletter and/or FB pages looking for vets in need of the service 
  • Secure display of No Vet Alone posters and graphics in City Hall, and police and fire stations; in high-traffic local venues including office buildings and corporate offices, hospitals and medical centers, and in schools, churches, synagogues and mosques
  • Recruit retail, restaurant and fast food outlets and managers to support No Vet Alone by donating or discounting coffee and meals for local veterans
  • Sponsor lunches and receptions honoring local veterans at their locations.
  • Use No Vet Alone graphics available on the No Vet Alone website to create posters for display on corporate office bulletin boards and in lobbies
  • Display No Vet Alone support messages on office exteriors and signage
  • Distribute No Vet Alone information to employees through company website and employee communications, e.g. newsletters
  • Encourage participation of executive management, corporate public relations and philanthropy departments
  • Host a lunch with employees and local Veterans or Veterans Service Organizations as special guests in advance of No Vet Alone local events
  • Plan a family, friends and neighborhood softball game or picnic and invite local Veterans and Veterans Service Organizations as guests and participants in advance of No Vet Alone events or as part of No Vet Alone weekend events in your community
  • Volunteer as a family to support No Vet Alone events in your community
  • Host a neighborhood No Vet Alone evening dessert party and invite local Veterans Service Organization or elected officials as guests and speakers
  • Promote No Vet Alone event and Initiative support to family and friends through social media
  • Use No Vet Alone graphics available on the No Vet Alone website to create lawn signs for display in your neighborhood; create posters and encourage display by local retailers and in community centers and other public spaces


For posters, flyers and more, click here | For Media tools, click here

You can participate in events in your community or create your own events! 

Information on creating and signing up for No Vet Alone events is at

The No Vet Alone Initiative is supported nationwide by Performance Bicycle stores, the National Guard, Veterans Administration, the Department of Defense and the American Red Cross.

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