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No Vet Alone is a national peer support network to empower resilience for America’s Finest. Our network helps create communities that provide resources and tools to help our nation’s heroes improve their lives. #FindingPurposeTogether



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Established the Resilience Research Initiative in April 2019 to Create a unique and highly innovative protocol with targeted and personalized mental health treatments and suicide prevention by combining peer support, technology, functional medicine, and community engagement to improve the brain health and produce more effective outcomes. 

 Our nation-wide network of community programs provides a vital lifeline for those who serve our country.

No Vet Alone changes the lives of veterans, first responders and their families by improving the issues they face: PTSD, mental health, physical wellness, homelessness, drug addiction, depression, and isolation related issues that directly affect their wellbeing.  No Vet Alone inspires hope and community that fosters the will to live.


Supported by the Veterans Administration, Amen Clinics, Al Roker Entertainment, Sherbinskis, American Red Cross, KHS Bicycles, Primal Wear, Safe Tech Helmets, and other partners throughout the U.S., the weekend will include hundreds of events that will ensure that there is NoVetAlone.  No Vet Alone is a national organization dedicated to honoring Veterans and ending the national PTSD suicide crisis.

For more information, please email us at info@novetalone.org.


Our Team

John Wordin - Founder and Chairman

1981 -1985       College Football Player - CSUN

1986 – 2004     Professional Cyclist

1992 - 2002      Creator Mercury Cycling Professional Team

                           7 straight years VeloNews North American Team of the Year

2005-2007        Creator - Kids Fitness Challenge

                           10,000 participants at the annual Rose Bowl Event

                            California Governor Fitness Council Program of the Year

2008 – Present  Creator Mental and Physical Rehab Program for Military and First Responders                               

                             Design and build custom adapted bicycles for severely injured

                             Creator DoD Warrior Games

                             Creator of No Vet Alone Suicide Prevention Program


Mike Luba – CEO, Madison House Presents – Production, Artist Relations, Venue

Mathew Thomas – CEO,  Concertpass  – Production, Artist Relations, Sponsorship

Tyler Fey –CEO,  FeyLine Presents – Production, Artist Relations, Sponsorship

Gary Nuell – CEO, Nuell Entertainment– Production, Artist Relations, Sponsorship

Rich Pinella – Finance & Sponsorship

Robert Keating - Equipment and Cycling Industry Relations


Advisory Board

Dr. Galen Buckwalter – CEO – psyML  research psychologist for over 25 years, starting in academia where he worked primarily on the effects of hormones on cognition during pregnancy and aging at USC. Created the e-Harmony personality match algorithym with 98% success rate.


Adm. Margaret Kibben (ret) – Chief of Chaplains – Dept. of Navy


Dr. Skip Rizzo – Director, Medical Virtual Reality – USC Institute for Creative Technologies


Dr. Chris Whitlow - Director, Radiology Informatics and Image Processing Laboratory – Wake Forest University


Dr. Daniel Amen – CEO Founder – Amen Clinics  Dr. Amen is a Double Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Neuroscientist. He is the author of Ten New York Times Best-Selling Books and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association


Dr. Mark Filidei - Director of Integrative/Functional Medicine – specializes in using targeted nutritional supplements, correcting hormone and metabolic imbalances, improving lifestyle and diet, and detecting and treating toxin exposure and infections like mold and Lyme disease.


Julie Caitlin Brown - Documentary Filmaker. Brain Health Advocate


Jurgen Heitmann - Director of Performance - Arena Labs


Dave Edwards – President Founder – Primal Wear


Chuck Steedman – Chief Operating and Development Officer, AEG Facilities.    

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