Get Connected

No Vet Alone is a national peer support network to empower resilience for America’s Finest. Our network helps create communities that provide resources and tools to help our nation’s heroes improve their lives. Veterans are encouraged to GET CONNECTED and GET INVOLVED.

Our focus is on how to improve resilience through group activity, community service, and family support. Our nation-wide network of community programs provides a vital lifeline for those who serve our country.

No Vet Alone changes the lives of veterans, first responders and their families by improving the issues they face: PTSD, mental health, physical wellness, homelessness, drug addiction, depression, and isolation related issues that directly affect their wellbeing.  No Vet Alone inspires hope and community that fosters the will to live


The Situation

  • 20 veteran suicides per day. 14 of the 20 are not users of VA services. (2014 VA study
  • In 2012, 13 suicides per day in the United States alone occurred because of combat-based PTSD. (
  • People who die by suicide are frequently experiencing undiagnosed, undertreated, or untreated PTSD/depression. (National Alliance  on Mental Illness)
  • 50% of those with PTSD do not seek treatment, out of the half that seek treatment, only half of them get "minimally adequate"  treatment. (RAND study)
  • 55% of women in the military developed a form of PTSD from sexual harassment and assault.  (National Center for PTSD) and 76% do  not report sexual assault (DoD SAPR)
  • Veterans who live more than 70 miles away from services – typically those in rural areas - are twice as likely to commit suicide because they do not have the support network essential in maintaining a positive frame of mind

No Vet Alone is committed to ensuring America’s Finest have access to programs that produce results and to that end, have invested in research to ensure our programs are effective.



  1. Provide a national, community based, peer support network for those who serve for them to have a trusted connection whenever needed.
  2. Create a virtual GET CONNECTED via website and app that would allow any veteran anywhere (especially rural communities) to find peer support and resources.
  3. Reduce the homeless Veteran population by partnering with the VA and other partners to target at-risk veterans.
  4. Expand NVA Connect Initiative – a series of community based programs and events.
  5. Provide programming focusing on Resilience, Family Support, and Community Service that would reach more heroes, especially in rural communities.
  6. Enhance community partnerships to enable more services are available to those who need them most.
  7. Create awareness to the need to improve mental health and reduce suicide for those who serve our country.


  • 62% of our participants reduce or eliminate prescription drug use: Opioids by 32%; Anti-Depressants by 62% 
  • 83% reduced PTSD-related stress attacks
  • 58% reduction in direct costs for a participant for VA mental health care, including prescription drug cost.